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Ergohuman Classic chair in Boardroom setting


The Ergohuman Story

The first Ergohuman Ergonomic Office chair was launched in 2005 and is now available in over 50 countries around the world. The Ergohuman brand has developed a global reputation for excellent ergonomics and durability in the Office Chair market.

Active in the Australian market for over 15 years, Ergohuman now offers a wide range of models and accessories including different colour options.  The standard range is warehoused in Sydney and Perth to service the whole of Australia.  Custom colours are available on a ‘made to order’ basis in Mesh, Fabric and Genuine Leather upholstery.

Sustainability has been part of the Ergohuman story since the outset and all models are 98% recyclable. This is achieved by using quality plastics and aluminium throughout the chair.  Not only that, but 38% of each chair is manufactured from recycled plastic, steel and some aluminium. All Chairs meet GREENGUARD GOLD certification for low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor use.

The Ergohuman design brief was to develop a chair that supported the spine, to minimise muscular and skeletal strain from long periods of sitting. A key innovation was the automatic Lumbar support that promotes an ergonomically sound sitting position.  The Lumbar support flex’s to maintain lower lumber support as you move in the chair.

Structural robustness, longevity and recyclability were core design principles. The Chairs have a cast Aluminium Frame and are certified under EU and USA standards for body-weights up to 150kg and for 24/7 use in applications where there are 3 shifts per day.  This involved ensuring the chairs can be maintained and serviced over an extended lifespan and that spare parts are readily available.


Ergonomic office chair solutions for home and commercial offices

With a move to home working and a focus on productivity, a sound ergonomic chair has become a sound investment in employee welfare.  Reducing stress on posture and skeletal/muscular reduces fatigue and promotes productivity. There are multiple upholstery options of Mesh, Fabric and Leather, including combinations of Mesh back with leather seats.  The availability of leg-rests and laptop accessories adds functionality usually only available on Gaming chairs.

Custom Ergonomic Chairs for corporate colour schemes

Looking to incorporate your company colours in your office furniture. A range of colours are available on a ‘made to order’ basis in Mesh, fabric and genuine Leather. Limited colours also available ex stock.

Ergonomic Meeting chairs for conference & board rooms

How often have you sat in uncomfortable chairs in a Conference room or Boardroom?  Promote a relaxed and productive atmosphere with affordable ergonomic chairs that ensure that your Employees and Board Members are at their best. Custom colours available to suit corporate colours on a make to order basis.

Gaming chairs for home entertainment and esports

Gaming chairs often look great but are not always good for ergonomic support and posture.  Incorporating office ergonomic design into a Gaming Chair, the Genidia achieves both form and function.  Increase your Gaming or Esports performance with the Genidia range of Gaming performance chairs in a choice of colours.

Warranty and spares support to maximise chair lifespan

Ergohuman chairs are designed for longevity and to minimise the impact on the environment.  All wear and tear parts can be replaced and spares are available. Through a combination of recyclability and durability, an Ergohuman Chair looks toward a sustainable future.  Warranty support and advice is available for all locations and most warranty tasks are straight forward to carry out.

Company details

Ergohuman Australia ABN: 930 632 498 590

Contact: corporate@ergohuman.com.au