Ergohuman 2 Elite Platinum Mesh


The Ergohuman Generation 2 Elite Platinum Mesh Chair is the first re-design of the Ergohuman Chair for over 10 years.  This is the first time we have offered the Platinum version in the Elite model creating a modern contemporary aesthetic for the office or home work area.

New adjustment points have been added:

  • Lumbar Support Firmness adjustment
  • 5 way Armrest adjustment
  • Forward Tilt function

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EG2M FSQ 450

Platinum Space Grey Frame and Mesh
Contemporary Space Grey is stylish and modern. Bringing a contemporary aesthetic to an office space.

Improved Quality
Now manufactured on an automated production line, the Generation 2 Elite Platinum achieves an improvement in quality and finish.

Die cast Aluminium Frame
The die-cast aluminium frames provides strength and durability for heavy use applications. Durable and robust it provides a solid feeling chair that will provide many years of service.

New Elastomer 5th Generation Mesh
Upgraded Elastic Mesh material with improved softness, flexibility and durability. There are 3 new zones built in with pressure dispersal, soft and support zones for better comfort and fatigue management.

New Functional Polymeric Composite components
Incorporating our new high tech Functional Polymeric Composite material which has lower chemical emissions, is lighter and at the same time stronger.


EG2M RHS 450

Adjustable 5D Armrest
Now with Tilt-Up on the Front Section of the arm-rest where the front angles upward to support your forearm when using a mobile device.  This is in addition to height, width, angle and forward adjustments.

Elastic Lumbar Support
The Lumbar support has variable tension control from soft to strong tension according to your preference.  The Lumbar Support retains flexibility to be responsive to your movements providing lateral support as you adjust your seating position.

Forward Tilt Function
The back-rest can now adjust forward of vertical to support your back when typing or reading. This will suit those who like a forward seating position while working at a desk.

Back-rest Height
There is now greater adjustability in the back-rest height with a range of 65mm and 6 locking positions.  This provides a greater range of locking positions to optimise for different heights.


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Ergohuman 2 office chair
The Ergohuman 2
The Ergohuman 2 replaces the Elite V2 and is the first re-design from the ground up of the Ergohuman Chair for over 10 years. Building on the strengths of the existing design, the Ergohuman 2 incorporates the latest innovations and thinking in ergonomic seating.




The upper back and lumbar support on an Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair are independent of each other to mould to the shape of your back
Back Support
One of the main sources of discomfort or pain when sitting in an Office Chair is from the back and lower Lumbar area. By seperating the lower lumbar and upper back support, these operate independently of each other to promote improved support in the right place.




Adjustable firmness on the lower lumbar support on an Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair




Lumbar Adjustment

The Lumbar support is now adjustable for firmness with 6 settings between soft and firm. Now you can find your preferred level of firmness and support.




Height adjustment on the back rest of the Ergohuman 2 office chair


Backrest Height Adjustment
The Backrest now has 6 positions for backrest height. Finding the right height is important to finding a healthy seating posture. You can adjust the height of the backrest to a position that feels right for you.

pressure zones on the mesh seat of the Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair


Elastomeric Mesh
A new generation in Mesh technology, our Elastomer Mesh has improved elasticity for comfort and improved hand feel.
Mesh provides air flow for coolness and comfort while being tough and durable.





tension control adjustment for the recline mode on the Ergohuman 2 office chair
Improved Tension Control
Free tilt or locked, its a matter of preference. Free tilt enables you to sit forward or recline without having to de-activate the tilt lock. Using the tension control, you can select between 8kg and 12kg of resistance.





Adjustment for the seat position on an Ergohuman 2 Office Chair


Find the right seat position
Finding the right seat position is very important for comfort and health. The seat should support your legs but not put pressure behind your knees. Slide the seat to the correct position to support your legs.




Back rest recline settings on the Ergohuman 2 office chair
Lean back and relax
It is recommended to change seating position on a regular basis to reduce fatigue. Lean back, lock in your favourite position and relax while zooming or reading. There are 4 locking positions between upright and a recline to 141 degrees.




Ergohuman 2 forward tilt mode
Forward Tilt now here
New to Ergohuman, you can now lean forward with full back and seat support. The back and seat tilt in synchronisation.  The back tilts forward 6 degrees and the seat tilts 2 degrees to support a forward seating position.




Forearm support on the Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair 5 way arm-rests
5 Way Armrest Adjustment
Introducing a new innovation to support your forearm while using a Mobile Device. The front section of the Armrest now tilts upward under your forearm from the elbow to reduce fatigue.





Dims Ergo 2 500


The NEW Ergohuman GEN2 now has a lower min height and is suitable for people under 165cm (5’4″).

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 87 × 58 × 65 cm
Adjustment Points


Armrest Type

5D – Height, Angle, Depth, Width, Tip-tilt

Seat Base Width

50 cm

User Weight Limit


Chair Weight


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jesus Tovar
Great customer service, they kept me informed about the delivery

The transaction and process went smoothly, there was a bit of delay but they explained it was due waiting for stock. they kept me informed all the time. The chair is awesome, it worth the investment. your back will appreciate it if you work from home.

Darrell Potts
Best chair for me, worth every cent...

The chair is almost perfect. Although I initially wanted to give it a 4-Star Review, I can't deny it deserves 5-Stars. I've had the chair for a few weeks. It was delivered faster than expected.

My only dislike is that the mesh on seat could be tighter. In the photos I share, you'll see the mesh on the seat can fold over a little, when I'm sitting in it. It's not a significant issue at this time, but I'll have to see how well it holds up after months or years of use. This is the 2nd time I've bought an ergohuman chair. The first one I had, was leather instead of mesh but I had to part with that model when I moved into a new place. So I wanted to give the mesh chair a try, seeing that the leather, older model wasn't as adjustable as this newer model.

Other than the loose mesh on the seat, the chair is TOP NOTCH. I love the chair. It's super comfortable and highly adjustable to accommodate people of all sizes and body shapes. I'm only 5' 2" tall and it's extremely hard for me to find a chair that doesn't hurt my knees, since most chairs are designed for average sized people and I'm a shorter than the average person. Being able to adjust the position of the seat and the arm rests, in the ways this chair allows me to, makes it a top tier QUALITY office chair.

I sit at my computer desk for long periods of time, so I needed something that I can feel comfortable in and this chair is very comfortable... I absolutely love how adjustable it is and I love the mesh overall. When the weather is hot in Australia, I can just put a fan behind me and feel the cool air, through the chair. No more sweaty back; no more sweaty bottom! The mesh is functional in hot climates.

Also, my arms are shorter in length, because I'm short, but this chair has the most adjustable and comfortable arm rests that I've ever experienced; I am happily thrilled about the adjustability of this chair. I love this chair and I now look forward to sitting at my computer desk that I have my chair adjusted properly.

One of the best things about this chair is that if any part breaks, I can buy replacement parts for it, right on their website. My particular model: "Ergohuman 2 Elite Platinum Mesh" did not come with a leg rest, but from what I understand, I can order the leg rest separately and install it myself later, which I plan to do eventually.

I've sat in this chair for hours at a time and have almost fallen asleep in it, because it's so comfortable. I'm certain that if I get the leg rest for it and I lean back all the way, I will easily be able to sleep in it, if I want to.

Despite the mesh on the seat not being as taunt as I think it should be, everything else about this chair is 5-star quality. It also looks very stylish at the same time. If you need a good office chair that you'll need to sit in for long periods of time, don't hesitate to buy this chair today and give it a try!

Great chair

Bought the chair for my partner and she loves it

Ergonomic and comfortable

Very comfortable and can sit for long hours which is required for my job. Lot of adjustments to suit your comfort.

Ron Patman
excellent product!!!!

very goos chair, very good purchase...

Front view of Ergohuman 2 Elite Platinum ergonomic office chair

Ergohuman 2 Elite Platinum Mesh


In stock (can be backordered)