Ergohuman Classic V1 Button Armrests


This pair of Ergohuman Classic V1 armrests will fit your Classic V1 office chair with the button style armrest and 2 part arm-pad.

These are genuine Ergohuman armrests that will match the original armrests that came with your Ergohuman office chair.

You can also purchase the arm-pads only if you don’t require the entire armrest.



Original Ergohuman Classic V1 Button armrests

These armrests fit an Ergohuman Classic V1 office chair with the Button style armrest with the two part style arm-pads. You may have lost your arm-rests in a move or they have become worn after many years of use. The pair of armrests include the arm-pads and are an original replacement for the armrests that came with your chair.

These original Ergohuman Classic V1  button style arm-rests bolt on under the chair seat. They are fixed by a two bolts that take a 4mm Allen Key.

If your Classic V1 arm-pads are worn or damaged, you don’t need to replace the entire arm-rest. You can purchase a replacement pair of arm-pads for your Ergohuman Classic V1 Office Chair.

These are the old style armrest as per the illustration below

Ergohuman Classic V1 armrests come in the earlier button style and the later one piece arm-psd.

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Ergohuman V1 Classic armrest types

Ergohuman Classic V1 Button Armrests