ERGOtool Gas Cylinder Removal Tool


Having trouble removing your old gas cylinder from your office chair, the innovative new ERGOtool is designed to make it easy. The ERGOtool is shipped with all Ergohuman replacement gas lifts and is now available to purchase on its own with FREE shipping by Express Post. Read the guide to the ERGOtool here.




The gas cylinder or gas lift is a critical component of your office chair. When the gas cylinder has lost its lifting power and does not swivel as smoothly as it used to, it is time to replace it.  A new gas cylinder will make your office chair as good as new. All gas cylinders bed in over time and can be quite difficult to remove. The innovative new ERGOtool from Ergohuman Australia is a new device that makes light work of removing a Gas Cylinder from any Office Chair. Just clamp the tool onto the shaft of your old gas cylinder and use the screws to extract it from the seat base of the Chair. It can be purchased on its own and it is included with all replacement Ergohuman Gas Cylinders.

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No more messing around with duct tape and a pipe wrench.  Get the guide to removing your gas cylinder here. Shipping is free when purchased on its own.

Customer Reviews

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David Thorpe
Saved the mallet in the office !!

This is a great tool. Removal of the stuck gas strut in my office chair was safely done in 2-3 minutes. Highly recommend this tool.

Did not work for me

I ordered a new gas lift for my 5 year old chair and Ergohuman kindly provided this tool as well. However, even with soaking it with WD-40 for several days this tool could not remove the lift from the seat base. Instead it now has deep gouges in the loose ring.

After a week of trying, I got a decent wrench from Bunnings and that did the job satisfactorily (no need for tape btw). The wrench also helped ‘wrench it out’ of the bottom base.
In the end I got myself a decent wrench from Bunnings. It did the job, no need for tape. It also helped me to get the gas lift out of the bottom base.

So I hope I won’t have to repeat this for the next 5 years.

Beverley Homel
Egohuman gas cylinder removal tool really works

The Ergohuman gas cylinder removal tool worked a treat. Very clever design and enabled us to remove a cylinder from a ten year old chair so we could replace the cylinder and make the chair functional again. Your delivery speed was amazing too

Just what I needed

After struggling and making little to no headway on removing my chair's gas lift with a pipe wrench and a hammer, I was close to giving up. Fortunately this tool was able to do what I could not and finally dislodge the gas cylinder. Instructions were simple and easy to follow.

It’s great

It really just works. Well made and packaged. Good, easy to understand instructions.

Ergotool to remove a gas cylinder

ERGOtool Gas Cylinder Removal Tool