Ergohuman 2 Luxury Mesh Legrest


Available to pre-order for delivery from the the 30th July 2024

The Ergohuman 2 Luxury Mesh with Legrest Chair is the first major update in the Ergohuman Chair for over 10 years. Now manufactured on an automated production line to improve quality and finish.

New adjustment points have been added:

  • Lumbar Support Firmness adjustment
  • Forearm support in armrest for using mobile devices
  • Forward Tilt function

Available on back-order

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Improved Quality
Now manufactured on an automated production line, the Ergohuman 2 Luxury Mesh Legrest in Black achieves an improvement in quality and finish.

Die cast Aluminium Frame
The die-cast aluminium frames provides strength and durability for 24/7 use. Durable and robust it provides a solid feeling chair that will provide many years service.

New 5th Generation Mesh
Upgraded Mesh material with improved softness, flexibility and durability. 3 new zones built in with pressure dispersal, soft and support zones for better comfort and fatigue management.

Chrome Detailing
Extra Chrome detailing on the arm-rests and Headrest give the Chair a premium upmarket look.




Adjustable 5D Armrest
Now with 5 adjustment points, the front of the arm-rest angles upward to support your forearm while using a mobile device. This is in addition to height, width, angle and forward adjustments.

Elastic Lumbar Support
The Lumbar support has variable tension control from soft to strong tension according to your preference. The Lumbar Support retains flexibility to be responsive to your movements providing lateral support as you adjust your seating position.

Forward Tilt Function
The backrest can now adjust forward of vertical to support your back when typing or reading. This will suit those who like a forward seating position while working at a desk.

Recline Memory Position
Recline memory position with lock. In free recline mode, you can select the range of free recline between the no.1 position (upright) to any of the no. 2, no.3 and no.4 positions where the free recline will stop at the preferred position.


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Ergohuman 2 office chair
The Ergohuman 2
The Ergohuman 2 Platinum Luxury replaces the Luxury Platinum V2 Deluxe and is the first re-design from the ground up of the Ergohuman Chair for over 10 years. Building on the strengths of the existing design, the Ergohuman 2 incorporates the latest innovations and thinking in ergonomic seating. The Luxury version includes the Recline Memory position which remembers your favourite recline position.




The upper back and lumbar support on an Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair are independent of each other to mould to the shape of your back
Back Support
One of the main sources of discomfort or pain when sitting in an Office Chair is from the back and lower Lumbar area. By seperating the lower lumbar and upper back support, these operate independently of each other to promote improved support in the right place.




Adjustable firmness on the lower lumbar support on an Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair




Lumbar Adjustment

The Lumbar support is now adjustable for firmness with 6 settings between soft and firm. Now you can find your preferred level of firmness and support.




Height adjustment on the back rest of the Ergohuman 2 office chair


Backrest Height Adjustment
The Backrest now has 6 positions for backrest height. Finding the right height is important to finding a healthy seating posture. You can adjust the height of the backrest to a position that feels right for you.

pressure zones on the mesh seat of the Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair


Elastomeric Mesh
A new generation in Mesh technology, our Elastomer Mesh has improved elasticity for comfort and improved hand feel.
Mesh provides air flow for coolness and comfort while being tough and durable.





tension control adjustment for the recline mode on the Ergohuman 2 office chair
Improved Tension Control
Free tilt or locked, its a matter of preference. Free tilt enables you to sit forward or recline without having to de-activate the tilt lock. Using the tension control, you can select between 8kg and 12kg of resistance.





Adjustment for the seat position on an Ergohuman 2 Office Chair


Find the right seat position
Finding the right seat position is very important for comfort and health. The seat should support your legs but not put pressure behind your knees. Slide the seat to the correct position to support your legs.




Back rest recline settings on the Ergohuman 2 office chair
Lean back and relax
It is recommended to change seating position on a regular basis to reduce fatigue. Lean back, lock in your favourite position and relax while zooming or reading. There are 4 locking positions between upright and a recline to 141 degrees.




Ergohuman 2 forward tilt mode
Forward Tilt now here
New to Ergohuman, you can now lean forward with full back and seat support. The back and seat tilt in synchronisation.  The back tilts forward 6 degrees and the seat tilts 2 degrees to support a forward seating position.




Forearm support on the Ergohuman 2 ergonomic chair 5 way arm-rests
5 Way Armrest Adjustment
Introducing a new innovation to support your forearm while using a Mobile Device. The front section of the Armrest now tilts upward under your forearm from the elbow to reduce fatigue.







Dims Ergo 2 500


The NEW Ergohuman 2 is suitable for people under 165cm (5’4″) and up to 196cm (6’5″).

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 87 × 58 × 65 cm

Mesh Black

Adjustment Points


Armrest Type

5D – Height, Angle, Depth, Width, Tip-tilt

Seat Base Width

50 cm

Seating Height

45cm – 55cm (Standard 120mm Gas Lift)

User Weight Limit


Chair Weight


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ergohuman 2 Luxury Mesh

Excellent chair, easier to assemble than expected.
Comfortable 9/10, fit is 9/10 & features 10/10, service + answering questions.
Adjustability is incredible to allow just right settings for your comfort.
Box that the chair comes in is MASSIVE.
All items are secure from damage during freight.
Delivery service as on point as advised too.

Well worth the cost - has made a huge difference in recovery.

I am currently recovering from an motor vehicle incident where I was rear-ended while on my motorbike by an inatentive P plater at a red light. I have been struggling with not being able to sit due to nerve pain and lower back pain. The Ergo 2 has been a night and day difference with being able to sit for longer then 15 minutes.
I still can not sit in normal chairs but the Ergo 2 supports the right places to allow me to get back to a normal work routine. I work in IT which now consists of alot more sitting while I am unable to carry out field work.
I am a big&tall guy of 6'3" 93kg, I do wish that the seat was a tad wider, however this is the case with every other chair regardless so it isn't really a valid complaint.
There are not hotspots when sitting and is very comfortable.
I have havn't seen any reviews on the leg rest addon, it is 100% worth the little bit extra. I just wish i also went all in with also getting the Laptop attachment to get the full experience.

Most adjustable chair

Why dont they make every chair like this? You can sit in almost any position and not experience discomfort. Exceptionally made and well thought out.

Ergohuman 2 Mesh with legrest in stowaway position

Ergohuman 2 Luxury Mesh Legrest


Available on back-order